improv comedy technician


basically a gentleman

"Adam is pure joy to watch. A comedic

everyman with a biting edge. Not a run of the mill Lab Tech—the Lab Tech who also teaches Hip-Hop dancing at Equinox. Your funny, affable neighbor who poisons your trees slowly to improve his property’s view. Adam’s a force of talent!"

Graham Shiels

Series Regular.

Yale School of Drama Grad.

"Adam is an unfussy perfectionist, a naturally gifted actor who also cares deeply about his craft. You see it in every bit of physicality, every deftly delivered line--the consideration and care that goes into his preparation

allows him to react on his feet with utter confidence. That quality makes his scenes consistently surprising, satisfying and memorable: you never knew quite what would happen, but now you've seen it, and it could never have gone any other way."

Michael Zeeck

Warner Bros. TV Development


"Adam is a considerable talent and a consummate professional. We'be been privileged to work with him on several film projects both in front of and behind the camera and he never dissapoints."

Fools Errand Entertainment

and the story goes...

Adam Jones began his acting career in middle school with a stunning performance in the Love Boat. He continued to stretch and grow his acting chops in High School and won a rare honorable mention as a freshmen, only to move on and win best actor and dancer in his senior year.

After High School Adam was in several plays, musicals and one acts before moving to Los Angeles in order to take his acting career to the next level.

Adam currently teaches a dance class with GROOV3 and takes acting and improv classes regularly while shooting and performing in skits, short films, commercials, web series and features. And you can find him performing regularly with Panda City.