Panda City is a sketch and improv team based in Los Angeles, whose members have studied comedy at Groundlings, Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, and many more comedy schools across the US and abroad. They have performed sketch and improv at iO West, Second City, The Complex, The Clubhouse, and Impro Theatre Lab, with many more performances coming up!

"I was lucky enough to have Adam as my student. He has terricic, hilarious positive energy. He plays well with others and commits like no one else. Adam is fun to work with and I wouldnt hesitate to enthusiastically edorse him for any project."

Betsy Stover

UCB  Improv Teacher



"Adam has a playful and eager energy that is a joy to watch. He approaches his improv with a fearlessness and creativity that is an asset to his scene partners. When his bold choices succeed, it's awesome! And when his choices don't exactly work, you don't care, because he's having a good time and you're won over. Adam was very receptive to feedback and and a pleasure to work with, he'd be a great addition to many things."
Ben Siemon

UCB Improv Teacher